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On the tolerance of others

 I've tidied my room, and I have some papers to sign for a life insurance policy. Then I have the afternoon to read, play Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, lay down some sound with my mandolin, finish today's journal entries, and practice various other things. I am definitely too busy to be bored.  I've discovered, in the past couple of years, that I rather prefer my own company to that of others. I can tolerate being with a group of people talking at the beginning or ending of an occasion, but in between I must be able to disappear and go to my own space for as long as I need to--often until the goodbyes begin.
Recent posts
 I'd thank God for matching socks, if I had any. Not that I really need them, but while I was in the hospital I was spoiled.
 FINALLY home from that nasty hospital. I had to go in for a lung/breathing test and an echocardiogram. They were able to tell me right away that my lungs are quite strong and healthy. Then, I enjoyed watching my own heart on sonogram, beating, beating. I thought of mom. She had died in the adjacent building to where I now was. Her heart could beat no more. A doctor will have to consult with me about the heart results. I noticed the technician made a few connecting lines and marks on the screen.  I was there from 11:45 until 3 p.m. This is one very tired person.

How to make a habit

 I hope I spelled habit correctly.  Anyway, if this is going to be my special, secret place to write down the deep thoughts once in a while, I’ve first got to make a habit of it. We always hear it takes 12 times (or some other magical number) in a row to make a habit. I don’t know if I believe that, but let’s pretend. It’s 11:22 in the morning. I woke up about half an hour ago after the best night’s sleep ever, thanks to yesterday’s purchase of a memory foam mattress topper. I haven’t had my current bed for very long and I thought nothing could feel better, but it did. I’m not sure why I’m hell bent on blogging, even if it’s just about mundane things. Even if the posts are often not very long. I think it’s because I’ve felt disconnected from technology lately, and it was always something I was very knowledgeable about and involved in. So much has changed in the past decade that I don’t know what’s cool anymore, or how to do things I once would have made a point of knowing how to do. Bu
 Today was hard.  I was only awake for perhaps six hours. I kept falling asleep in the middle of doing things. I'm glad I don't eat cereal with milk or I'd have drowned. At least with yogurt, you have a chance of feeling something is amiss. I am still fighting Covid. I'm having more good days than bad, but the bad ones will sit you down and make you think. How strong am I? How resilient am I, really? All day today felt like when I had full blown disease, with the exception of not needing oxygen, thank goodness. I don't know when this will end, or how. I've had only my first vaccine injection, with the second scheduled for April 20th. Got a while to go before complete immunity can be realistically presumed.
 It's been about a month since I've seen my therapist (due to a scheduling mistake), and I was supposed to see her today, but she isn't feeling well and is out of the office, so we got cancelled. Rescheduled: April 21. APRIL 21. Being mentally ill sucks. Being mentally ill and not having access to treatment sucks. And nobody gets it. There are not enough providers to meet the needs of people with severe mental illness, and there should be fill-in therapists so that appointments are kept when a patient is in dire need.

Space aliens who need a deck of cards to discover themselves

  What is a Starseed? I have no idea. I only bought this oracle deck because it's pretty. I watched a couple of videos showing walkthroughs of the deck, and suddenly I clicked Add to Cart and then went on to Place Your Order. It was a pandemic impulse buy. From what I've gleaned in reading this and that online, a Starseed is either an "old soul" who has reincarnated many times in numerous galaxies and universes, or is themself an alien. They choose where and when for the purpose of fulfilling some mission, having a vacation, or searching for others of their kind. Some may feel they don't belong among us, and that they must have come from a different world. <woowoo>Starseeds receive transmissions from space, and experience activations in which they "awaken" to who or what they really are.</woowoo> I know, but look at the deck box! It's so pretty! It doesn't matter if it's not that cool tarot deck I was shopping for when I ran afoul